• Aliens: The Definitive Guide

    We are not alone. Earth’s most impressive minds say so. For millennia, we Earthlings have stared up at the night sky looking for… something. Now, you’re about to find out what that something might be.
    Arrow Media in co-production with Handel Productions, presents the DEFINITIVE GUIDE to the Universe’s unseen life forms. Aliens are no longer confined to the pages of comic books or blockbuster movies. They’re front and centre in the world of real science. This series will inject a huge dose of cutting-edge scientific research into a fun and entertaining action-packed journey through space, to find out exactly what’s lurking out there – and even what it smells like.


    A co-production with Arrow Media, UK
    Release Date:  March 19th, 2013 on Science Channel US
    Broadcasters:  Discovery Channel Canada, Discovery International, Science Channel US

    1 x 2hr