• Brave New World Series 2

    In this new season of Brave New World, Stephen Hawking sends young scientists on a quest to find the innovations that will most shape the future.

    Professor Hawking has spent his life thinking about science and how it affects us. Now he is calling a summit of the world’s most forward-thinking contemporary scientists in order to identify and assess the innovations that will have the most impact in years to come.

    In each episode professor Hawking sets the agenda, picking one area in which change will be the most spectacular and far reaching, opening our eyes to the exciting possibilities that herald a Brave New World.

    Brave New World Series 2
    A co-production with IWC Media, UK
    Release Date:  November 23rd at 8pm ET on Discovery World
    Broadcasters:  Discovery Canada, Canal D, Zodiak Rights

    6 x 1hr