• Scam City Season 2

    This new season of SCAM CITY takes presenter Conor Woodman into deeper, darker and more dangerous places than ever before. As he goes behind-the-scenes and off the beaten track in some of the world’s most fascinating tourist hotspots, Conor not only exposes the ingenious ways that con men, scammers, and thieves prey on tourists, but personally exposes himself to harm by unmasking them. 


    Conor’s first stop is New Orleans, followed by Mexico City, New York, Jerusalem, Mumbai, London, Amsterdam, Bogota, Hong Kong, and Paris .

    Scam City     Season 2
    A co-production with ZigZag Productions UK
    Release Date:  October 27th at 8pm ET on Travel + Escape
    Broadcasters:  Travel + Escape, National Geographic International

    10 x 1hr