• Meet the Sloths

    Meet the Sloths is a humorous and heart-warming docu-soap following the daily dramas of the human and animal residents of the world’s only sloth orphanage.

    The series follows legendary sloth whisperer Judy Arroyo and her team on rescue missions, performing emergency medical procedures to save lives, playing mum to the impossibly cute baby orphans and pioneering a reintroduction programme for long term residents using a revolutionary new tracking device.

    Move over Meerkat, there’s a new animal in town that’s cuter and funnier…it’s time to meet the sloths. 

    Meet the Sloths

    A co-production with Blink Films, UK
    Release Date:  November 23rd at 8pm ET on Animal Plante
    Broadcasters:  Animal Planet Canada, BBC Worldwide

    8 x 30min