• The Forum: Pucks and Politics

    Chronicles the social history of the hallowed Montreal institution at the time of its closing in 1996.  Features Nick auf der Maur on a trip through the remarkable events of this shrine to hockey, politics and entertainment. From the early days when the first Stanley Cups were won by teams like the Winged Wheelers, Wanderers and Shamrocks, to the pinnacle of hockey history, the USSR-Canada series in 1972, the Forum has seen it all. The forum was a reflection of the unique character of Quebec, where French and English cheered for the same side in hockey, but went to battle over politics. The 1955 riot over the suspension of hockey great Maurice “Rocket” Richard was a seminal event in the origins of Quebec nationalism.

    We re-live some of the great entertainment events which raised the Forum roof: from the Beatles to Bob Dylan to Madonna, and memorable nights when legendary figures from the world of boxing and wrestling took to the mat. There were weddings and funerals, and finally in 1996, the end of an era, when the doors closed on a lifetime of memories which are part of the fabric of Quebec and Canadian history.

    The Forum: Pucks and Politics

    Produced and directed by Alan Handel

    Writers: Nick auf der Maur and Alan Handel