• Tapoori

    A remarkably intimate and candid look at two street boys in Bombay. Subra 14, has been living at the Victoria Terminal railroad station for three years. He survives through toughness, guile and hard work. His health is bad - he smokes, eats poorly, is small for his age and has to pay older boys for protection. The film follows Subra as he decides whether to stay on the streets where he’s lonely, or return home to his village were he faces mistreatment from his father.

    Anwar is 16, but has lived as an adult since he lost both his parents at 8. He sleeps on the streets in Bombay’s red light district, and has found a new family in other street boys. They earn money picking trash from the streets and selling it in the market. They escape in Bombay’s video parlours, by inhaling glue, and going to local prostitutes. A visually stunning film and powerful human story of survival.

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    Produced, directed and written by Alan Handel