• Satellite Symphony: Beethoven and One Woman’s Dream

    A crazy dream involving music, peace and space technology. Could five hundred voices around the world be connected via satellite to an international all-star symphony orchestra in Montreal’s Place des Arts, and sing Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” in global harmony and - more or less - at the same time? This was the dream of Francoise Legrand, one of the few women conductors in the world in 1988. It was an audacious dream, and would be a world-first - if it worked.

    The film is a dramatic, often humorous look at Legrand’s efforts to fuse top musicians from 106 orchestras around the world into a harmonious group in just ten days. There is tension, rebellion, and hair-raising rehearsals as she tries to overcome distance and time differences to co-ordinate choirs in Moscow, Geneva and San Francisco with the World Philharmonic Orchestra in Montreal - all to be performed live before a television audience. You’ll have to see the film to find the answer. And stay tuned for Francoise Legrand’s next dream - a concert on the moon.

    Satellite Symphony: Beethoven and One Woman’s Dream

    Produced, directed and written by Alan Handel

    Co-producer: NFB