• Faith and Fortune: The Reichmann Story

    An epic tale of the rise and fall of one of the most religious, secretive and fascinating great Jewish families. The Reichmanns were ultra-Orthodox Jews who rose from humble origins to build the greatest real estate empire in the world. They became one of the dozen wealthiest families on earth. They had power and wealth beyond imagination, yet used it to surround themselves with the pious world of the Jewish shtetl (village) from which they had emerged.

    They were lead by a reclusive visionary, Paul Reichmann, who gained a reputation for infallibility, and raised billions in bank loans on his word alone. He finally floundered over a futuristic development in London - Canary Wharf. It cost the family ten billion dollars and ruined in a few months a reputation that had taken centuries to build. In a remarkable coda, Paul Reichmann has now regained control of Canary Wharf.

    Faith and Fortune: The Reichmann Story

    Produced, directed and written by Alan Handel

    Based on the book by Anthony Bianco