• The Wonders of the Northern Lights

    The Wonders of the Northern Lights explores the greatest mysteries of the aurora borealis. What causes the kaleidoscope of colours? Can the northern lights appear over the equator? What causes the newly discovered band of bright violet light during an auroral storm? Can aurora be used to detect life on other planets?

    The aurora borealis has dazzled people for thousands of years – and intrigued scientists for centuries. Following pioneering scientific experiments to uncover the secrets of our Earth, this film showcases spectacular visual displays of the Northern lights, and uses CGI animation to bring to life the intricate science of how the bright lights in our atmosphere are produced.

    The Wonders of the Northern Lights

    Co-produce with Windfall Films, UK

    Broadcasters: CBC-TNOT (Canada), Discovery Science Channel US, BBC (UK), Canal + (France), SBS (Australia), SVT (Sweden), Canal D (Quebec)