• Searching for Cleopatra

    Searching for Cleopatra is the story of the cutting-edge mission to unearth the secrets of Cleopatra’s reign, and the definitive story detailing the surprising truth about history’s most notorious Queen. Cleopatra – the last of the Pharaohs and the most iconic ruler of all time. Centuries of Roman propaganda and decades of Hollywood clichés have painted a picture of Cleopatra that has lasted for millennia: a ruthless, fearless leader; a bloodthirsty murderer; a power-hungry seductress driven by greed and self-interest; her sexuality the most powerful weapon at her disposal. But Cleopatra isn’t who you think.

    In Searching For Cleopatra we’re on the hunt for who Cleopatra really was. We have exclusive access to one of the world’s leading Cleopatra experts as she leads the most ambitious excavations ever to unearth the real Cleopatra. With active archaeology, new technology and world-leading experts, we not only discover crucial new information but also bring to life the real Queen Cleopatra, brushing aside lazy stereotypes and unearthing new information that shows what her rule over ancient Egypt was really like.
    Searching for Cleopatra


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