• Titanic : The New Evidence
    New photos of the Titanic’s construction and launch have come to light after having lain in a suitcase for decades. They reveal a whole series of shortcomings, which contributed to the ship’s tragic sinking. 

    The failings include incorrectly applied rivets, poor workmanship, inadequate watertight compartments, substandard steel, poor manoeuvrability, and underage and unskilled workers, amongst many other deficiencies.

    But the most shocking revelation, shown here for the first time in the new photos, is that a fire in a coalbunker caused serious damage to the hull – in the same area where the iceberg later hit.

    Using a newly devised CG technique to animate these extraordinary stills, this special will bring the building of the Titanic to life as never before. 

    Titanic : The New Evidence

    Co-produced by Alibi Entertainment and Blink Films, UK 

    Brodcasters are: Discovery Canada, Channel Four, Uk and Discovery Science, US

    1x60 min.