• Pearl Harbor: The Accused

    The story behind the attack on Pearl Harbor is one of espionage, information suppressed, miscommunication, and dark trails that led to the door of the White House. And a scapegoat, a man who became Pearl Harbor’s last casualty, the disgraced commander-in-chief of the two thousand men who died that day, Admiral Husband Kimmel.

    This landmark special will show once and for all that the Admiral, stripped of his rank was falsely blamed for the catastrophe.

    PEARL HARBOR, The Untold Story will be both a new, authoritative perspective on Pearl Harbor, and a moving story of personal honor and sacrifice.

    Pearl Harbor: The Accused
    Feature Documentary with Drama Re-enactment
    For the 75th Anniversary in December 2016

    Based on the book A Matter of Honor, by Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swa

    Co-production with Arrow Media, UK

    Release date : December 2016