• Brazil Untamed: The Pantanal

    Brazil’s Pantanal is a place of extravagance: it’s the world’s largest wetland, it’s the most diverse ecosystem in the world, and it’s one of the top five places on the globe to see wildlife in nature.

    One word that keeps coming up when looking at these creatures, relates to size. “Giant Otter”, “Giant Anteater”, “Giant Armadillo”, “Greater Rhea” (largest bird in the Western Hemisphere), “Hyacinth Macaw” (world’s largest flying parrot), and the Pantanal Jaguar which is the largest of its kind in the world.

    Our series will reveal how the Pantanal is a truly unique spot on the globe and how this exceptional wildlife survives the dramatic challenges of going from the wet season to the dry season. This radical change creates life and death situations that will make this series a kind of “Survivor” for animals.

    Brazil Untamed: The Pantanal

    A co-production with Cristian Dimitrius Productions, Brazil

    Broadcast: Blue Ant Media and Canal D

    10 x 60 min.