• Sea Monsters: The Definitive Guide
    The deep ocean has always been even more mysterious than outer space – populated in our imaginations and in seaman’s tales with strange, alien monsters, creatures out of nightmares – Leviathan, Kraken…

    Now, the latest scientific techniques and discoveries allow us to explore the ocean like never before.  And scientists and explorers are discovering that, when it comes to SEAMONSTERS, the truth can be even stranger and more terrifying than legend.

    SEAMONSTERS: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE is an amazing underwater journey all around the world, taking in science, pop-culture, and crypto-zoology. We’ll meet the greatest sea monsters that have ever existed; find out what might lurk unconfirmed in the deep right now; and explore the limits of sea monster biology.
    Sea Monsters:  The Definitive Guide
    A co-production with Arrow Media, UK

    Broadcast: Discovery Canada, 5 UK, Nat Geo and Canal D

    1 x 60min