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  • The inspiring personal story of a remarkable young woman and her voyage of self-discovery. Lisa Garfinkle left her affluent suburban life in Montre.....   (read more)

    release date : December 1998

  • A searing recollection of the unfolding of Hitler's "final solution to the Jewish problem" through the personal accounts of survivors. Six Canadian.....   (read more)

    release date : August 1998

  • Chronicles the social history of the hallowed Montreal institution at the time of its closing in 1996.  Features Nick auf der Maur on a trip t.....   (read more)

    release date : September 1996

  • Mexico City is one of the largest and most densely-inhabited places on earth. The most precious commodity is a place to live. This films profiles t.....   (read more)

    release date : September 1994

  • A remarkably intimate and candid look at two street boys in Bombay. Subra 14, has been living at the Victoria Terminal railroad station for three y.....   (read more)

    release date : June 1992

  • When the residents of Burnt Islands, Newfoundland, learned that a new principal had been hired for the local school, little did they realize that thei.....   (read more)

    release date : December 1991

  • A crazy dream involving music, peace and space technology. Could five hundred voices around the world be connected via satellite to an internationa.....   (read more)

    release date : July 1989

  • A penetrating portrait of one of Canada’s most colourful and controversial politicians, whose career was tied to the greatest period of turmo.....   (read more)

    release date : August 1988

  • Traveling from California to Belfast to London to Montréal, Irish-born Canadian author Brian Moore reveals the creative impulse behind the f.....   (read more)

    release date : November 1986