• Producer’s Assistant 13/08/2015


    Handel Productions is looking for a production coordinator who will work closely with the company heads to manage appointments, organizing travel and international meetings, oversee schedules, communicate on their behalf and assist in the preparation of documents to sell projects to broadcasters. The PA will also act as Office Manager and help.

    Excellent communication skills and concrete experience in the television industry is required.

    Please send your cv to opportunity@handelproductions.ca

  • Scam City Season 2 Nomination 15/01/2015

    Handel Productions has received 2 nominations at the 2015 Canadian Screen Awards. 

    Scam City Season 2, hosted by Conor Woodman, is up for Best Factual Program or Series.

    Scam City: Mumbai episode editor Katie Gair has been nominated for Best Picture Editing in a Factual Program or Series.

    Scam City is a coproduction with ZigZag Productions UK and is broadcast on National Geographic International, Travel and Escape, and Evasion in Canada.
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  • Job Opportunity 02/06/2014

    We are currently interviewing eligible individuals to apply with us through the CMPA Mentorship - Screen-based Media Production Program.  This is a five month paid opportunity.

    Interested applicants should have a passion for factual story telling, research and writing.  If you are interested in working in the television industry, please send your CV and cover letter to:  info@handelproductions.ca

    Thank you!

  • New Head of Development 01/05/2014

    We are very pleased that Meredith Fowke has joined HP as our new Head of Development. Meredith brings years of experience and success to her new role.

  • Aliens Win! 05/03/2014

    Proud to announce that Aliens: The Definitive Guide has won the 2014 Canadian Screen Award for Best Science or Nature Documentary Program.

  • Canadian Screen Awards Nominations 13/01/2014

    Handel Productions was recently nominated for 2 Canadian Screen Awards.
    Aliens: The Definitive Guide is up for an award for 'Best Science or Nature Documentary' in co-production with Arrow Media, UK.
    Strip the City was nominated for 'Best Factual Series or Program' in co-productions with Windfall Films, UK.

    The Television awards ceremony will take place on March 5th in Toronto.
  • Stephen Hawking's BRAVE NEW WORLD Season 2 14/11/2013

    Fridays @ 8pm ET / 5pm & 10pm PT
    November 15th - December 20th
    Discovery World Canada 
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  • TUTENKHAMUN DECODED: Premiere Broadcast 02/07/2013

    On Sunday, July 7th at 9pm ET/PT on History Channel Canada
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  • When They Come, Will They Be Friend or Foe? 02/06/2013

    Time to meet the neighbors.
    ALIENS: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE, a cheeky two-hour special premiering on Discovery Canada - Sunday, June 2 @ 8pm ET/PT 

  • World Congress of Science & Factual Producers 2013 01/05/2013

    Montreal will play host to the xx edition of WCSFP from Dec 3 - 6, 2013.  The event celebrates the best in Science and History programs and it brings together broadcasters and producers from around the world.  Handel Productions' Head Alan Handel is the Canadian and Montreal based representative on the event's international steering committee.
  • Handel Productions Voted One of the Top 100 Production Companies Worldwide 01/04/2013

    Handel Productions was recently named as one of the top production companies of 2013 by Realscreen Magazine.
  • INSIDE THE MIND OF LEONARDO: Premier Broadcast 24/03/2013

    On Friday, March 24th at 8pm GMT on Sky Arts 2 HD & Sky 3D.
  • New Series 07/03/2013

    Windfall Films (UK) in co-production with Handel Productions are moving forward on a 10 part series.  "The Rise of the Machines"  The lead broadcasters are Discovery Canada, Discovery UK/EMEA and H2 (US).
  • More Hawking 15/02/2013

    Handel Productions is pleased to announce that Brave New World with Stephen Hawking has been renewed and is moving into production on Series 2.  The series is a co-production with IWC Media (UK) and the lead Canadian Broadcasters are Discovery Canada and Canal D.
  • STRIP THE CITY: The Series Premiere 26/10/2012

    On Friday, October 26th at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery World HD
    Strip the City will also be broadcast on Discovery Channel, starting November 25th.

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  • Irene Carter Retires 20/07/2012

    After 9 years at Handel Productions, dealing with admin, tax credits and the agencies, Irene Carter has retired.  She will be missed by everybody in the industry who worked with her.  Industry veteran, Natalie Tessier brings a wealth of experience as Irene's replacement, working previously at TVA International, NFB and Cinar.

  • EARTH FROM SPACE: The Premier Broadcast 25/04/2012

    On Sunday, May 6th at 8pm & 11pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel Canada 

  • TITANIC: THE AFTERMATH: The Premiere Broadcast! 09/03/2012

    On Sunday, April 1st at 8pm EST and 11pm EST on Discovery Channel

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  • BRAVE NEW WORLD WITH STEPHEN HAWKING: The Premiere Broadcast! 03/11/2011

    On Saturday, Nov 19th at 8pm ET/PT on Discovery World HD then weekly for the remaining four episodes

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  • INSIDE THE TITANIC: The Premiere Broadcast! 03/11/2011

    On Sunday, Nov 20th at 8pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel Canada

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    Handel Productions is proud to have received three nominations for the 2011 Gemini Awards, which crown the best in Canadian Television:

    Last Day of the Dinosaurs was nominated for
    Best Science, Technology, Nature, Environment or Adventure Documentary Program
    Discovery Canada, (Bell Media)
    (Handel Productions Inc., Dangerous Films)
    Alan Handel, Richard Dale, Tim Goodchild

    Earth: The Making of a Planet was nominated for
    Best History Documentary Program
    Discovery Channel Canada (Bell Media)
    (Handel Productions Inc., Pioneer Productions International)
    Alan Handel, Yavar Abbas, Stuart Carter

    Last Day of the Dinosaurs also received a nomination for
    Best Sound in an Information/Documentary Program or Series
    Discovery Canada (Bell Media)
    Benoît Dame, Jean-Pierre Bissonnette, Stéphane Cadotte, Patrick Rioux

  • André Barro joins Handel Productions as Vice President and Executive Producer 11/05/2011

    André Barro is most notably known for his work on international factual productions. Before joining Handel Productions, André worked at production companies Cirrus, Galafilm, Cineflix and Pixcom, where he oversaw the development, production and management of several hundred hours worth of high-quality television programming.

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  • BIGFOOT: The Premiere Broadcast! 06/05/2011

    Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide premieres on Sunday, May 15th at 8pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel Canada.

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  • Ratings Blockbuster 15/12/2010

    Last Day of the Dinosaurs was broadcast November 21, 2010 on Discovery Channel and Discovery World HD in Canada. It was the highest rated special in the history of Discovery Channel in Canada. The program was also broadcasted in 3D.

  • Handel Productions is in 3D! 19/11/2010

    Last Day of the Dinosaurs premieres Sunday, November 21, 2010 on Discovery World HD in 3D!

  • Handel Productions is proud to launch our new website 27/08/2010

    Built for easy navigation and as a showcase of our work. Please navigate and enjoy revisiting some old favorites and discovering some new ones!

  • Handel Productions is going 3D! 26/08/2010

    Our dinosaur disaster special, Last Day of the Dinosaurs, will be shown by Discovery Canada and Discovery Communications in stunning 3D!

    Stay tuned for the premieres this fall!

  • Handel Productions keeps it dangerous 26/08/2010

    Dangerous Films and Handel productions are partnering on two new co-productions green-lit and in preproduction.

    Inside the Titanic will allow viewers to feel what it was really like to be stuck on the ship as it was sinking. What are the realities of this greatest maritime disaster, and what are the myths? For Discovery Canada and Discovery Communications US.

    Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide will analyze the hundreds of Bigfoot sightings from all around the world and connect the dots to give a full picture of this mysterious beast. For Discovery Canada and History US.